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New business opportunities are often considered by investors. An effective pitch deck is imperative to growth and new investments. If the presentation of your business goals, vision, plans, and finances is clearly communicated, you will begin to generate interest in your next meeting as soon as possible.

Professional Pitch Decks

Our Pitch Deck services

Pitch Deck Content

From 39$ / slide
To create slides that leave no questions unanswered, we delve deeper into your company together. Our primary goal is to produce content that is compelling and simple to understand. We have built more than 300 decks, and we can use that experience to your advantage.

Pitch Deck Design

From 39$ / slide
We excel in quality pitch decks, where we have many years of experience. Our assistance contributed to startups raising over $30,000,000 in venture capital! Let us know how we can help you design the best pitch deck for you.

Custom Pitch Deck

From $900
Create a world-class deck with our team. Dedicated pitch decks based upon in-depth research of your organisation highlighting value propositions. We've been involved in investor deck writing and design for over 300 startups. We’ve worked with many that have raised more than $60 million combined. Our team will deliver a VC-grade pitch deck.

Fundraising Strategy

It is important to select a fundraising strategy that is both effective and successful. We find the right investor for your startup and how you can approach them. We are available to assist with creating your pitch deck and many more documents needed you. Let’s get funds raised

Our pitch deck formulation process

Learn how we create a world-class deck for you

Make a discovery call

Make a discovery call

Based on what you want, project scope and turnarounds, we’ll be able to quote your project.

The letter of enactment/NDA

The letter of enactment/NDA

Your project is protected by an agreement letter and kept confidential with the NDA.

Business briefing

Business briefing

We will discuss your business details and collect any necessary information designed to enable us to tell your story in the most effective way possible.

Teams of writers

Teams of writers

We will prepare a concise presentation for your company to impress you.

Reflection on our efforts

Reflection on our efforts

We can make this process collaborative by working together. Every step of the way, you will be able to provide feedback.

Design of the pitch deck

Design of the pitch deck

Our team gives a convincing story after creating professional-looking slides.

Make a free appointment to hear more about our services and how we can assist you with your business pitch.

Consolidated Solutions

Venture Suite offers customised opportunities for effective communication that ensures successful business pitches.
The ultimate solution for you
Venture Suite addresses the needs of every business. Our professional relationship is strengthened by various services that are customised for your business needs that ensure success at every step.
Perspective-oriented business
Be it, angel investors or venture capitalists, we understand the business psyche. We guide you accordingly so that you crack your pitches efficiently in the first instance.
You may need to keep your numbers hidden from the public eye for your betterment. Your information for the display of our fine work will never be displayed unless you permit us to do so.
Investor reachability
As an integrated tool, Venture Suite allows you to connect with angel investors directly without any hassles. We also assist you in cracking the pitch in the first instance to get the best return from the investor.
Closure Experts
Sometimes a deal can be rigorous and tiresome. Here is where Venture Suite services step in and operate on your behalf. Concise and precise data is presented to close the deal, and efforts are made for positive actions to be initiated by the investors for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Simple. Your pitch deck plays a crucial role in every fundraising event.

We're here to assist you in getting noticed by your organisation. Having access to our services gives you the chance to benefit from our experience raising millions in venture capital, and a great benefit is that you will save valuable time and money.

We begin with you meeting with us. You can find out the details here (attach the process section).

Yes. We can also provide you with one if you would like to send one out. We protect your ideas.

Two factors determine this cost.

A) What are your objectives?

B) How many slides will be included in the final deck?

If you design a pitch deck, it will have approximately 20 slides. Thus, the total cost of the deck is the Number of slides* Price per slide, which is 20* $39 = $780. It will cost around $300-$1200 if we also work on the content or the deck is more detailed.

Generally, completing a deck takes about 8-12 days. While you are looking for it very quickly, we can also provide a 72-hour turnaround.