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How to create fantastic pitch deck slides

We provide detailed instructions and numerous examples for each slide in your deck to help you create effective pitch deck slides.

Label Slide

Get the attention of the audience and launch your pitch by using the title slide!

Problem Slide

What exactly is the issue you're trying to resolve and is it one that is even worth addressing?

Solution Slide

Demonstrate how your company uses innovation to address the significant issue you just raised.

Product Slide

Do you have anything to present? The product slide is the right slide to do it!

Market Slide

Is the market large enough for rapid expansion? It's imperative that you respond to this query!

Competition Slide

Businesses cannot exist in the absence of competition. petition. Learn how to show it the right way.

Traction Slide

Being able to demonstrate traction is one way to get investors to support your startup.

Business Model Slide

What type of business strategy supports your new venture? We show you how to properly demonstrate it!

Team Slide

Investors finance human capital. Impress them with your kick-ass team full of experience.

Milestones Slide

Learn how to display every piece of information related to your upcoming actions and developments.

Client Acquisition Slide

The CA slide offers information on the customers you will target and how to get in touch with them.

Forecasts of the Financial Situation

Discover how to create a compelling financial slide that answers all of your audience's questions.

Ask Slide

What will you do with the money once you have it? How much money do you need for the next stage of growth?

Contact Slide

The investor will only see the contact slide before leaving. Don't forget the CTA!

Exit Strategy Slide

Learn to include pertinent exit scenarios in your pitch deck for your investor.

Summary Slide

No time? We demonstrate how to condense your entire pitch deck into a single slide.

Go-to-Market Slide

Show how you will acquire customers for your business and enter the market.

Why Now Slide

The Why Now slide justifies why your business idea is timely.

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