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An investment is valuable when it comes to valuation. Oftentimes, there are significant mismatches between the valuation expectations of the entrepreneur and the investor. Investors find the expectations of entrepreneurs unrealistic, and this is accompanied by sourness.

What would you do to prevent this? Can we predict the valuation of startups? The tool that helps startups in valuation is verve.
Depending on the amount of investment you made, Verve can provide you with an estimate of the valuation you may expect. There are many ways to get attuned to reality, regardless of whether one likes it or not.

By using robust tools and groundbreaking marker analytics, we have turned what is commonly seen into a science. Experience and wisdom.

  • Valuation calculator for company
  • A validated model of the private sector
  • Estimates the value using advanced data science and technical tools
  • Quality testing is rigorous to assure reliability
  • Estimate the potential value of your business
  • Investors often provide valuations on the ground and are aware of this reality.
  • Take comfort in the valuation negotiations by approaching them with more confidence.