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Fundraising doesn't have to be hard.

Venture Suite harnesses the power of AI and professionals to save you time and help you raise money quickly and easily. Ready to increase your funding momentum - exponentially? 🚀 #FundraisingNowSimplified
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About Venture Suite

Why Venture Suite?

An AI-based integrated business management approach for founders and entrepreneurs.

Founder’s first

The platform is crafted with the founder’s needs in mind. We provide resources for the development of founders as well as for the engagement of investors and an active CRM for ease of management. Every integration on the platform will ease the life of a startup, entrepreneur, or founder.

Fundraising Experts

We specialize in fundraising and we simplify it for you. With our fundraising expert assistance, you will gain a different perspective on the fundraising journey for your startup. We not only assist you in your fundraising success, but we also guide you to gain a business perspective on presenting your business to investors.

Asset for startups

Ventures Suite offers diversified professional services for your startup. Villa for fundraising services, business valuation services, pitch deck creation, professional templates and much more business excellence for you to avail.

Flexibility with Fun

Once you opt for your Venture Suite account, you’ll be able to use many tools for efficient startup management. You will also find numerous tools, resources, games and quizzes which will give you an in-depth understanding of the startup ecosystem in a fun, relaxing way.

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What We We do

We are Venture Suite and this is what we do.

We simplify fundraising for entrepreneurs. The platform is designed for entrepreneurs and startups. Here are tools and modules designed to reduce investor outreach, prospect management, and the overall fundraising conundrums.

We value our "Founder First" motto. You can use specialized tools like Entrepreneur's Essentials and Data Vault so you can create your fundraising campaign with ease and convenience. We don't just do fundraising, we do it for you.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Let us help you perfect your pitch deck, target qualified investors, and introduce you to our partner VC funds with our expert team.

Our People

Dreamers, Thinkers & Do’ers
We are globally-based forward thinkers, entrepreneurs, and innovators, who tirelessly transform complex ideas into simple solutions. We aim to make our employees grow and flourish as entrepreneurs.
See a Problem? Move quickly. Get into the solution process. Challenge the status quo with confidence. Create the solution, and the impact you want to make.

Work with us!

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Our Moral Pillars

Our Founder

CS Abhishek Kumar
Growth & Fundraising Professional | Serial Entrepreneur | New Venture Developer

The Founder’s words

The Venture Suite is founded by the founders, for the founders.

Commencing a startup and being the founder is not an easy job. In my last nine years of experience as an entrepreneur, I have been humbled by so many experiences that the startup world teaches an individual and transforms them into an entrepreneur.

In the early years when I was commencing my first business, I thought I had figured things out just because I had done extensive research on my niche. Looking back now, it seems like a long list of learning experiences and pit stops of business sense.

When I got a grip on my business niche, the first thing that I decided to do was to ease the fundraising process for new startup founders. The vision has been embodied in me since I started working on my different ventures.

Our motto was inspired by this idea: to become an umbrella covering all fundraising services essential to entrepreneurs, including platforms, agency offerings, IBs, and a wealth of resources for entrepreneurs.

The Venture Suite is not just a platform for complete founder’s solutions, but it’s also a centralized hub for startups and their processes. The core idea behind this platform was to make it easier to combine everything that a startup founder requires to scale their business fast.

Our platform excels in providing you with intelligent tools that give you instant visibility into your organization’s network, empowering you to find new opportunities and cultivate important relationships that are crucial to your business’ success.

I hope you find your fundraising simplified with us.

Abhishek Kumar

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