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Utilize Venture Suite's simple investor report template to maintain proactive and open communication.

Retaining a strong relationship with investors once you secure funding from them and their trust becomes crucial once you get funding. Investor updates are crucial.
Templates like our investor reports make proactive communication with investors fast and easy.
Investors can quickly learn about company performance, upcoming growth plans, and how their money is being spent by using this comprehensive investor report template.

Download the Investor Report Template

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    What does "an investor update" mean?

    Keeping your backers informed about your company's processes and protecting your startup is an important part of your investment. Investor reports allow you to keep your work transparent when you send them regularly. Additionally, it keeps valuable insight in check by constantly reviewing the big picture of what your company is doing and keeping track of its overall performance.

    What do investors want from an investor update?

    Investors are looking at the company's performance over key indicators as their primary source of information. They will want to know how your finances are doing, how well you are achieving your goals, and how well your team and company are doing to achieve those goals.

    Of course, investors will want to see what's happened to the key metrics of your business. Include those as visibly and clearly as possible in your updates. Focusing on a single KPI can also make for a good strategy in this sense, as you can then show your progress in that area throughout every subsequent report. Strategize this way to give a clearer vision of the way your startup is moving along.

    Highlight milestones or contributions that you believe will be significant. In this way, it should have a clear message that all your hard work and trusted funds are paying off in more ways than one.

    Tips for Your Investor Update

    Keep these tips in mind when you fill out an investor update template.
    Keep it short.
    Keep it real.
    Be specific.
    Keep it relevant.
    Keep the context intact.