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We demonstrate how to create an eye-catching pitch deck for your company.

Why The Ask slide belongs in your pitch deck

I assume that since you are reading our articles, you are looking for money to expand your company. A “The Ask Slide” (also known as an Investment Opportunity Slide) ought to be included in your pitch deck if you are.

Additionally, if you include an “ask slide” in your presentation, be sure to include the following three pieces of information for your prospective investors:

  • How much money do you raise?
  • How do you plan to use the money?
  • What goals do you have for the money?

Giving a brief elevator pitch about the investment opportunity would be beneficial for the first section: “We are looking for $1M seed financing to finish our product development and release a beta version.” Always be specific about the amount you are attempting to raise because it shows that you did your research and are aware of the precise sum of money required to advance to the next stage.

To illustrate how the funds will help the company grow more quickly, founders frequently use a straightforward pie chart (e.g., 20% Product Dev, 30% Marketing, and 50% New Hires) or boxes with additional information in their ask slides.

What milestones you will achieve with the funds is the third piece of information that every investor wants to see on the ask slide. They require it because they need to know whether you adhere to your plan or not and whether and when more funding will be required.


How you can build a killer product slide

The slide's content
  • Your response to the issue you identified
  • Visualisations, graphics, prototypes, and demonstrations of the solution
Queries addressed by your slide
  • Does it address the issue at hand?
  • Does the customer want the solution so badly that they will stop at nothing to get it?
  • After utilizing the solution, how will the client feel?
  • Are you amazed by the solution?
Typical Slide Errors
  • Including an unsuccessful live demonstration or video (always get the backup)
  • Make use of bullets
  • Drawing attention to your proposed solution rather than providing any indication of how things stand now
Slide design
  • Choose a font style that is easy to read.
  • Ensure that you use high-resolution images.
  • Maintain a simple design.