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We demonstrate how to create an eye-catching pitch deck for your company.

Why you should have a business model slide in your pitch deck.

If you’ve never made one before, creating a business model slide for a pitch deck can be challenging.
As a result, we’ll explain in this article what information you need to include in your business model slide and how successful startups present their business models.

Remember that your business model slide’s main purpose is to describe to investors how your company runs and what your business strategy is. They ought to understand how you intend to bring in money for the business after viewing and reading this slide.

Making a business model canvas should be your first serious consideration. Simply search for “business model canvas” to get a ton of helpful links to websites where you can download a BMC template. Please fill it out; it will assist you in creating your business model slide since you will need to give your company’s mission careful consideration.

Next, list all the sources of income you have now or plan to have in the future. Showcase how each of your products will be priced by breaking them down into their parts. The various product features and their origins can also be included.

Putting everything into your business model slide is the final step. Please review the business model slide examples below; they guide creating your slide.


How you can build a killer business model slide

The slide's content
  • Your response to the issue you identified
  • Visualisations, graphics, prototypes, and demonstrations of the solution
Queries addressed by your slide
  • Does it address the issue at hand?
  • Does the customer want the solution so badly that they will stop at nothing to get it?
  • After utilizing the solution, how will the client feel?
  • Are you amazed by the solution?
Typical Slide Errors
  • Including an unsuccessful live demonstration or video (always get the backup)
  • Make use of bullets
  • Drawing attention to your proposed solution rather than providing any indication of how things stand now
Slide design
  • Choose a font style that is easy to read.
  • Ensure that you use high-resolution images.
  • Maintain a simple design.