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Frequently Asked Questions

What stages do your partner VC firms invest in?
The investors and VC firms listed invest in all stages and startup sizes from idea to Series B and beyond. Sign up for venture Suite Basic to search through the database.
Do I need to download an app?
No. Venture Suite works from desktop and mobile, without the need for any downloads. All you need to do is bookmark the link so you can easily access it.
What is the cancellation policy?
Unless you are on a longer-term contract, you can cancel your Venture Suite subscription at any time. Cancellation is effective at the end of your current venture Suite subscription period. If you are not happy with venture Suite, you can request a refund within 14-days from the start of your subscription – no questions asked.
What is the difference between venture Suite Lite/Pro and Assisted Fundraising?
Venture Suite Lite & Pro are paid subscription services that provide access to a powerful set of tools to optimize your fundraising. Venture Suite’s Assisted Fundraising plans are built for founders who don’t have the time to manage every aspect of fundraising. The Venture Suite team will create and implement a custom fundraising plan for your company that includes strategy sessions, contact list generation, unlimited warm intros, progress management, and more.
Can I send mass emails through venture Suite?
While Venture Suite provides you with direct investor email addresses, we don’t support (and don’t advise) sending mass emails. You should thoroughly research the investors you’d like to approach and write them thoughtful, targeted emails.
Does Venture Suite guarantee that I'm going to receive funding?
Regretfully, not. Venture Suite is a set of tools and services to help you fundraise quicker and easier. We are not an investor marketplace and whether you raise funding or not will depend entirely on you.
What does "Assisted Fundraising" mean?
The founding team at Venture Suite has raised more than $300M in VC funding throughout their career. Venture Suite Enterprise plans include hands-on assistance on your fundraising campaign. We can assist you with your pitch deck, investment collateral, outreach, intros, and more. Please get in touch to learn more.

Security and Privacy

Do you automatically notify my contacts or investors in Venture Suite?
No, we don’t. Investors are not informed when you add them to Investor Tracker, and no one in your network will ever be contacted or messaged without your permission.
When you send your contacts a specific request, like asking for feedback about your company in the idea validation module or sending your Progress Report to investors, advisors, or other network members, that is the only time that communicates with people outside of Venture Suite takes place.
In summary, you are in charge of your Venture Suite account. We don’t intervene in your process until you instruct us to do so.
How can I be sure of my data security? Will you share it with anyone else?
We now have a database that is mirrored to help protect your data. A further layer of security is added by encrypting all of your data and using SSL encryption to transmit all transactions. Your privacy is crucially important to us. We do not share any data unless you authorize us.

Startup Module

What is the purpose of the Business Document Archive?
The purpose of the business document archive is to help you find business insights, to see inspiration and ideas to manage your business and run your business efficiently. You will find a group of tools, documents, worksheets, and wizards included in our Business Document Archive to assist founders.
Why should I believe these tools are reliable?
Most of the tools in this collection were carefully compiled and assembled by us, and they were provided and researched backed by eminent lawyers, consultants, and advisors. A lot of these tools have also been used by us in our startups for a long time. Venture Suite does not provide legal services and does not accept responsibility for their use (please see the full explanation and legal disclaimer on our site). Use these tools as a starting point, but remember to always use common sense and seek advice from a lawyer, accountant, or other qualified professional.

Investor CRM module

What is the purpose of the Investor CRM module?
The Investor CRM module is designed to help you manage the investor outreach, communication, and overall fundraising process. You can efficiently manage investor outreach, communication, and the entire fundraising process with the aid of the Investor CRM module. With the Visual Dashboard, you can quickly see your status with each investor and what next steps you need to take. You can see your connections to potential investors thanks to integration with LinkedIn and AngelList. You can keep track of all your fundraising tasks and To-Dos by integrating with Google Calendar.


What is the price for the Venture Suite?
Please refer to the respective product/services page
How can I get a free account?
We are providing a free Venture Suite account to the first 1000 subscribers. You can take the opportunity now.
Have a startup newsletter, incubator, meetup group, or other larger distribution list? To negotiate a unique deal, get in touch with us:)
Whom should I contact if I am a developer, designer, or Excel whiz creating a tool, template, or software module that would be useful to Venture Suite's clientele?
Call us right away! We’d love to hear from you. Think of our Founder’s Vault as the Apple App Store for startups, where third-party developers, designers, and others will be able to publish and sell their tools.
I have an idea for a tool that I'd like to see developed. To whom do I talk?
Contact us immediately! Please get in touch with us. We intend to continuously diversify our product offering, so we want to create items that users will adore. Let us know what you want to see. What will make your life easier? Please give us feedback, and if your idea is original, perhaps we’ll name it after you 🙂