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We demonstrate how to create an eye-catching pitch deck for your company.

Why you should have a milestone slide in your pitch deck

Most pitch decks do not include the milestone slide, but if you are still in the product development phase, it is a good idea to include it in the appendix or use it.

The milestone slide is a fantastic way to demonstrate your ability to complete tasks while also drawing attention to how you plan to use the money you have already invested for subsequent actions. It aids the investor in determining your course of action and whether additional funding will be required or not. 

You can learn more about the upcoming subjects in the majority of the pitch deck milestone slides.

  • Developing Products
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Product Launches
  • Major Hirings
  • Fundraising

Be aware that at some point, your achievements (slides) will be used to judge you. As a result, be sure that the milestones you present are given top priority throughout the following three, six, or twelve months.


How you can build a killer milestones slide

The slide's content
  • Your response to the issue you identified
  • Visualisations, graphics, prototypes, and demonstrations of the solution
Queries addressed by your slide
  • Does it address the issue at hand?
  • Does the customer want the solution so badly that they will stop at nothing to get it?
  • After utilizing the solution, how will the client feel?
  • Are you amazed by the solution?
Typical Slide Errors
  • Including an unsuccessful live demonstration or video (always get the backup)
  • Make use of bullets
  • Drawing attention to your proposed solution rather than providing any indication of how things stand now
Slide design
  • Choose a font style that is easy to read.
  • Ensure that you use high-resolution images.
  • Maintain a simple design.