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Effective investor communication enabled by Venture Suite Pitch Deck

In an era when connectivity is essential, our client is a tech company that wants to simplify communications for everyone. On this platform, users can create and sell courses, stream live to an audience, and conduct one-on-one video calls. When face-to-face communication isn’t possible, it’s face-to-face.

Before they sign on, the prospective partners are given information to help them understand the platform. A 10-slide deck is a crucial part that helps with platform navigation, but it needs to be improved.

They approached Venture Suite with two objectives in mind as a result. The first was to incorporate the document’s brand guidelines and website design. The second was to make the text-heavy slides visually appealing and simple to read while still including all the necessary information in them.

For us, working with a communications platform involved more than just a 10-slide presentation. We have seen this platform in action and have used it in operations as an experiment as well, so the team is familiar with the platform’s flexibility and power. Therefore, this challenge was reciprocal.

It can be difficult to incorporate brand guidelines and website design into a 10-slide presentation, but the client wanted to do it. According to Venture Suite’s lead project manager, it’s common to find customers with brand guidelines but an uncoordinated website design. She also added that the client’s approach proved invaluable for the project.

“We were given complete freedom in how to carry out the customer’s clear idea. One of the coolest things about this project was how they gave us total creative freedom. This level of creative freedom was required because the project faced numerous challenges. She added.

This redesign, in their eyes, enhanced simplicity. Another highlight was the interaction between the business and Slidebean.

The client said, “It was simple, painless, and the outcome was fantastic!” The phrase “I didn’t even need to request any revisions” is always a positive indication.

Our client also added that it was now simpler to give crucial information to those who were considering working with them. The finished product gave the business a fresh viewpoint on subsequent projects. I was able to learn some things to keep in mind for future decks’ layout and design after comparing the original deck with Venture Suite’s updated version.

The venture suite experience was also a success because our client ordered a second set of products in addition to receiving approval for the first version. The design team managed to overcome the initial difficulty throughout.