The full potential of a person’s personal brand is established by the venture suite.

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The full potential of a person's personal brand is established by the venture suite.

When you go forward into an untapped market, a brand building exercise will help you evaluate your positioning and to hack your growth in the space of your desired client. Such is the example of Mr Shantanu bhattacharjee.

Santanu Bhattacherjee is a senior manager at one of the top businesses. He has mainly worked at companies that produce software. Mr Bhattacharjee is a leadership enthusiast who emphasises Product Leadership, People, and Customer Service Leadership.

With the aid of PR, he enjoys imparting his expertise on management and leadership through blogs and other educational articles posted on various social media and print media platforms. He is passionate about technology and holds degrees from MIT, WBUT, and Symbiosis, Pune.

He possesses more than a decade of experience and is an expert in the fields of system architecture, technical solutions, and CRM. He has worked on over ten projects. More than 15 awards, including the Pega ACE Award, Team Player Award, Star Award, and numerous others, have been presented to him.

While maintaining his PR, Mr. Bhattacharjee noticed changes in his engagements and PR. After a while, he found it challenging to continue his personal branding journey. He was unable to concentrate on performing PR activities, social media engagements, and his overall personal branding and PR management because of his busy schedule.

With our personal branding services, Mr. Bhattacharjee was able to build his personal brand, express his values, and make a lasting impression.

The combined efforts of our team and Mr. Bhattacharjee helped him gain more authority and influence by offering full-service, strategic customer content creation, distribution, and management.

In order to brand him effectively and achieve results, we primarily followed four steps.

1. Managing social media

Using platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we assisted Mr. Bhattaharjee in developing a powerful personal brand. With the aid of its USPs and offerings, Venture Care increased brand recognition and channel traffic.

We assisted him with optimizing his social media profiles, and the social audit also concentrated on obtaining genuine, approved LinkedIn recommendations from people all over the world. He acquired over 6000 organic followers on LinkedIn, as well as more than 2000 organic Instagram followers, etc.

2. Public Relations
We created and developed press and media materials. Venture Suite utilized a variety of platforms, including press and media features, to establish social proof and credibility in a sector. By featuring his articles in numerous publications, we assisted him in becoming a recognized expert in his field. To involve a larger audience, we organized a variety of online activities and interviews. “Leadership is an art, and you learn it only when you start leading a team,” was the subject of one of his interviews.
3. Book Launch:

We helped with The Leadership Chronicle’s official book launch. We assisted him in generating publicity for his books, subject matter expertise, and knowledge.

4. Website and Blogs:

The web design and development team at Venture Care created a number of useful services to aid in the development of his personal brand. We also assisted him in publishing a variety of blogs, including ones on his own domain, LinkedIn articles, and others. He received assistance from Venture Care to launch his own website.

With our continued effort, his website is thriving, and his personal brand has shot to the stars. We hope that Mr. Bhattacharjee keeps developing rapidly and that his influence improves both his personal and everyone else’s professional interactions with him.