The impact of personal branding on an angel investor’s ability to connect with people.

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The impact of personal branding on an angel investor's ability to connect with people.

In the current business and startup landscape, a personal brand can be a very important differentiator for professionals. There are numerous examples of strong personal brands operating on their own in the market.

This client is an angel investor who has acquired numerous degrees from reputed schools in the country.

When it comes to angel investing, Mr. Jonathan Hung is South California’s most active investor. Among his various portfolio companies, he aims to spread value creation and serviceability. He assisted in achieving this goal by using his experience as a co-managing partner at Unicorn Venture Partners.

Mr. Hung developed his investing abilities by managing his family office funds in his role as managing member of J HeartVentures, a company that assists start-ups in their growth by providing them with necessary investments. Many companies benefited from this, including Gyft, ChowNow, Bitmain, and numerous others.

Among the schools where Mr. Hung has pursued multiple degrees are the University of Southern California, the London School of Economics, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Hung noticed that his lack of recognition and awareness prevented him from receiving the right opportunities, partner invites, invitations to angel syndicates, and pitches.

Due to his hectic schedule, Mr Hung wasn’t able to develop any worthwhile public relations or networking. Both creating and participating in platforms and forums were not possible for him. His out-of-date PR strategies didn’t help him acquire valuable skill sets and the recognition he desired. His traditional PR strategy resulted in a waste of money for him.

After carefully studying objectives, Social BrandRating (SBR), and competitor reviews, our team implemented a multi-platform approach.

In order to increase engagement on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and others, the program included Google-based content that was indexed for SERPS. Even more recently, they started producing audiovisual content like podcasts.

We also included media relations and the “Ask an Angel with Jonathan Hung” weekly web series. In order to improve social media management, they also promoted primary messages on his secondary social media platforms.

Even though the desired results put a test on our skills, eventually things started to go well, and the brand began to shine on social media.

Our initiatives produced the following results:

  • Increase in social media traffic: The monthly cap was raised to 90k interactions.
  • Increased social engagement and activity: Thanks to the projected content, people began to connect with the brand.
  • improved SERP search volume
  • increased traffic from other websites

The founder’s personal brand is still developing. The content produces concurrent results, reaping the rewards of engagement and becoming a reliable marketing channel with a clear strategy.

Today, Mr. Hung enjoys his traffic and the fruits of the content produced via podcasts, social media, and related engagements.