Through personal branding, a potent person’s brand engagement is enhanced and restored.

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Through personal branding, a potent person's brand engagement is enhanced and restored.

A personal brand can be a significant differentiator for us founders in the current business and startup landscape. There are many instances of powerful personal brands operating independently in the marketplace.

In addition to many other areas, Jay Sung has more than 25 years of experience in e-commerce and customer acquisition techniques. As Brentwood Associates’ Chief Marketing Officer, he is contributing his knowledge. Additionally, he gave his all as Guthy-Renker’s Chief Marketing Officer.

He created marketing plans and contributed to the sustained growth of some well-known brands, including Meaningful Beauty with Cindy Crawford and Wen Hair Care by Chaz Dean, among others. Additionally, Mr. Sung demonstrated his potential while leading some well-known companies like The Proactiv Company and Lot18 as their CEO.

When he was working as the CEO, Mr. Sung attracted a lot of respect and attention. However, over time, he noticed that his recognition was waning due to his diminished ability to influence his earlier content.

Even his speaking engagements, PR activities, and the absence of his area of expertise were not given enough time. His busy schedule prevented him from concentrating on creating and sustaining his personal brand. Some people even failed to recognize his expertise.

As part of our operation, we improved engagement through social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and added Google-based content to the SERPS. We developed a range of social media marketing techniques for them to increase engagement.

Our personal branding team concentrated on producing consistent content for all social media channels and used a variety of PR and networking techniques, including panel discussions and the creation of useful social media content.

The team helped him increase brand awareness by showing his USPs and offerings.

Other beneficial services we provided, included website development, SEO support, content creation, blog management, and audience interaction. Our team tailored his branding services to meet his needs and branding objectives and took a thoughtful, multichannel approach to personal branding that yielded worthwhile outcomes.

To help him and give him access to consistent marketing materials, we developed a brand style guide.

In order to maintain a high level of interaction with the audiences, to maintain a sense of relevance, and to maintain the simplicity with which the content flowed, we also added a variety of quizzes and poll modes for increased engagement.

The first few months did not produce the results we had hoped for, but eventually, things began to go well, and the brand began to shine on social media. Our continued social media efforts resulted in the following:

  • New opportunities for professional expansion: 15k average interaction.
  • Boosted networking and PR
  • Continued website traffic, audience, and reach
  • more impressions and increased engagements: 80k in the first 3 months from 560
  • Heightened value recognition within and outside organisations.
  • Rapid expansion and credibility: Profile views increased by 58%
  • Higher number of sessions, Live and video Q&A

The personal brand of the founder is still expanding, benefiting from engagement, and developing into an effective marketing channel with a consistent strategy.