The authoritative position of the entrepreneur is made possible by personal branding.

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The authoritative position of the entrepreneur is made possible by personal branding.

In the present context of business and startups, a personal brand can act as a big differentiator for us founders. We have numerous examples of successful personal brands leading their own businesses in the marketplace. Similarly, one of our clients is a tech startup owner from India who has been optimally growing his brand for the last nine years.

His core interest lies in technology and related developments in DevOps, cloud computing, IT service management, and application development.

When he approached us, we offered to assist and create content for him that would establish himself as a personal brand and an authoritative message provider in his domain.

We discovered that there were phases of his personality that could be marketed through carefully curated content when we finally met with him to analyze his personality.

We were able to develop content based on his traits thanks to the following broad observations and calculated verticals for the branding:

  • Cloud computing and related developments
  • IT service in india and abroad (mostly US)
  • App development news, updates and more
  • Entrepreneurship and startup management
  • Business management
  • guidelines for new developers and tech entrepreneurs

We decided to structure our content based on tweets, Twitter threads, LinkedIn carousels, mid length blogs, and short paragraphs on LinkedIn. We wanted to focus on Twitter and LinkedIn for the all-round personal brand development of the entrepreneur.

In order to maintain a high level of interaction with the audiences, to maintain a sense of relevance, and to maintain the simplicity with which the content flowed, we also added a variety of quizzes and poll modes for increased engagement.

The first few months did not produce the results we had hoped for, but eventually, things began to go well, and the brand began to shine on social media. Results in the second and third months were extremely positive, and both interactions and followers grew steadily in a constructive direction.

Speaking specifically about the figures, within the first month, the impressions ranged from 500- 2000. However, in the subsequent months, impressions went up to 100 K and beyond.

The range of content produced and the rate of increase in interactions pleased our client. As a result, they were also able to develop a marketing avenue for their business that might eventually contribute to growth.

The founder’s personal brand is still growing, reaping the benefits of engagement, and evolving into a successful marketing channel with a consistent strategy.